Monday, July 20, 2009

Today... I became "Mom"...

No, I didn't have a baby today. Sigh. This is just a sign that my almost 4 year old son is growing up. I'll explain. When he and I arrived home today from work, no one was home. My girls (he is the youngest of 4 and the only boy), were off with my mom. So, he was bee-bopping around the house, playing glee-fully. And then, I became mom. "Mom!" he shouted... I was putting dinner in the oven so I didn't answer... "Mom!" he said again. Just yesterday I was "Mama" and today I'm "MOM?" I asked him, "What did you call me?" and he said "Mom". I said "What about Mama? or Mommy?" He said "Nope. Mom.". I guess it all goes back to the layout I did in a few months ago where he told me "I nacho Buddy, I daddy's buddy". He's been a daddy's boy since the get go... will he ever just want his mom?? My little tike is growing up! And, yes, my friends love to tease me about all of my "Landon Lay-outs", but, he's much younger than my girls, still poses for the "Mama-ratzi" and still does so many CUTE things! My girls, are older now, and typically run from the camera, especially when I ask them to wear clothes in the same color family!! I have tons of pictures of them, too - have no fear!

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