Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spring cleaning?? Ok...summer cleaning.

What a worth while day! Hubby and I spent the morning running errands and the afternoon finishing off my room!! Who knew one room could hold so much dust??? Gross!! But, it's all nice and clean now.... speaking of homes, here is a layout that I did recently talking about Roots. This layout is very special... it's the Root of our family. My Grandmothers home. It's the only home that I have ever known for her... the place where family gathers at holidays, the place we can all call home. Nan has lived in this house for over 40 years... and lived next door prior to owning it. At one point as a little girl, she lived in it with her parents. These are her roots... (And thanks, Michelle, for the buttons! These buttons were once Michelle's grandmothers.. and yes, at some point in time, our grandmothers knew each other. That practically makes us related!) LYMI

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