Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've always been a big techy fan... and never really got into MySpace or anything.. but a while back when I read up on Facebook I thought I'd give it a try. Wow!!! In the past few months, I've connected with some past friends... but today, blew me out of the water!! In High School, I had several friends... but just a few stick out the most! You know the ones that you can still think about - that you did silly things with - like wearing a hair piece in the mall? And buying boys High Top sneakers because the boys we like wore them?? Yes, silly, but great for laughs now!! Some of the friends I've remained in contact with - but somehow, lost contact with others. Today, out of the blue, and a complete fluke, someone that I knew from years ago as an acquaintance - who had added me as a friend on FB, but we didn't really talk... well she married the brother to one of my bestest friends from high school... and that bestest friend FOUND ME by loooking at old pics that were posted from 20 years ago! (She is an identical twin!). My friend, Becky, is on FB, but not listed with her maiden name.. so over time, I've searched for them, but never found them. And, I even searched the town where we lived... but she no longer lives in this state!! So, today, I got a friend request and a FB message. How fun it was to talk - by FB and email, and to catch up. I swear, it's like we've not lost 20 years. Granted, we have lots of catching up to do, but I still felt that I could talk so freely to her!! I haven't the chance to talk to her twin, but that is in the works!! Plans for a 3 way conference call is under way - how exciting!!!

So, if you've not joined FB, and I know many that shy away, give it a try. You can set the settings to be safe, and you can control those who you will allow as friends, but deny others without them knowing. And it doesn't take any time to check it once in a while. If you need help, let me know. It's fun, easy and very rewarding!!

Becky, it was GREAT talking to you today... I can't wait to catch up with, Beth, too!! I have some GREAT memories from those days.. and still chuckle at you wearing BLUE CONVERSE under your wedding dress!! That is so YOU! I'm sorry I missed it, but an thankful that through today's technology that we can once again, reunite! (And Beth, give FB a try!! Pretty please? Cindy, you too!)

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  1. You mentioned all the great things about FB, but you forgot to mention the fact that it can get a bit addictive. :)