Monday, July 20, 2009

Brown Baby, Brown Baby.... What do you see?

Can you tell the difference? Look closely... other than I few much loved stains... I can't either. But, ask my dear son the difference, and within 1 instant, he can tell you. "That is mad Brown Baby". He will instantly grab the "not mad" baby, hug it, pat it's head, kiss it... and move on with it hiked on his shoulder or tucked under his arm. We're not quite sure why one is mean and one isn't... it's not like they have pinched him or anything... he tells us that it's in their "eyes". Hmmm. Ok, dear son. In fact, right now, he's looking for the "not mad" baby, but can't find it... and the mad one just won't do. He's definitely particular to detail!

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