Friday, July 17, 2009


You see, I am Maxine. It's kind of a "group" name given to me after, let's see... 6 or 8 retreats. It seems as if every retreat someone earns a name. And, the name MUST be earned... when you least expect it. My name, Maxine, came to me unknowingly this past retreat. It's rare that I have any photo's of ME. I'm generally the one BEHIND the camera. But, this trip, I decided to show everyone a recent vacation photo of me, holding a snowball... between the photo, the way my hands were positioned and my hair... I was instantly dubbed "Maxine". I must say, after watching others get named "Butt-Cup", "PPDrawz" and "Guppy"... Maxine will do just fine... LYMI.

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