Monday, August 31, 2009

Fabulous Finds!!

I have been SOOOO good lately... but couldn't resist myself when it came to these finds!! Posted are some (poor pictures, sorry!) of some of the Fall Papers - I love when Fall stuff starts flooding the stores!! Not that we get much "fall" here, but it means that cooler weather and holidays are just around the corner! That makes me happy!! And check out this Halloween paper by WE R Memory Makers - it's Halloween and VELVETTY!!! Also, I found some beautiful "bling" - a little girl in my life has hinted at the thought of a Hello Kitty bedroom... And even if she changes her mind, it was too pretty to pass up! Enjoy! It's gorgeous despite my photos!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Space Travel

What an exciting week!! My dear friend, Amy, and her sister Joy were able to get a group of us on the Kennedy Space Center Base to see a LIVE LAUNCH! I'm sure all of you are tired of hearing about it, but it was an amazing, once in a life time event!! I grew up living the love life of being an Astronaut - not me personally, but my mother and brother. My mom worked for NASA in her younger days and often wishes she had never left. And, growing up, it was my brothers dream to be an Astronaut... so, being able to be so close that your pant legs moved, the sky lit up and the rumble of the engines purred as she lifted off the pad was a dream come true. Oh, and standing right next to the VAB (Vertical Assembly Building) was something I once only saw from a great distance! What an amazing experience for my mom, my friends and I. Amy and Joy, we owe you BIG!! (I snapped 366 glorious photo's in minutes! Imagine that!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I haven't posted lately... but I wanted to tell everyone about I think of it as a website, sort of like ebay where you can buy things, however it's all handmade by people like you and I. I've ordered several things from different people.. my custom camera strap, a purse and some "Twilight" things. It's fun and the prices are pretty reasonable! Love this "Scrabble tile" necklace... and, Thanksgiving is coming... love these!! What I like most is that everything is original... and I love to decorate! I hope you enjoy, too!! Let me know what you find!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

What a week!

I haven't posted lately, but this Maxine cartoon was too cute to pass up! I love my job.. and have been putting in lots of long hours getting ready for school! Hope all is great! - Don't forget to watch the Shuttle Launch tonight... or should I say, this morning??

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New House!?

It's still pretty surreal - actually having a new house! I am still waiting for the bomb to drop! Jeff and I went to Orange Park today to "customize" the inside of our house. We set a budget and only went $5K over! Yes, $5000 is a fortune, but we thought we did considerably well, I mean, who can live without a Central Vacuum system with a kick plate? Attached is a "snapshot" of what we chose. I'm most excited about the house in general, but some of my favorite options are the vacuum system, the Corian counters and sink and the wood laminate floors! I can't wait for you all to see it... and yes, JK - it will have a scrap room... the "Formal" living and dining areas are all mine!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Firemen.... usually a HOT subject!!

I must say, our local fire fighters are pretty cutie-patooties... but, NOT this time, since my fireman is only 3 1/2! I thought this was the cutest - my dear son, dressed in last years Halloween fire-fighter costume, was extinguishing a "box" with my vacuum hose! It was definitely a "scrapbook moment!". (He must have received another call - look at his serious face!) LOL - And something scrap related. The 2nd photo is a group of name tags that my local SHOTTS created and entered into a contest a while back - we won 1st place for most originality! We each took a puzzle piece home and decorated it. While we weren't hoping to win any trips to the White House - we knew it would be a fun challenge!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A new school year!!

Life is busy - everywhere! School has started in several parts of the US, but not until August 24, here. My job is definitely keeping me hopping!! Here is a quick photo of ME on my very first day of Kindergarten back in 1977! Ironically, my brother was born on my first day of school and my mom missed it! Good for her (and me!) our neighbor took a quick photo. Don't you just LOVE the matching Winnie Pooh outfits?? I really remember that outfit!! Love the hair!! hehe (I must post some scrapbook stuff, SOON!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

This and that!!

I did get my free chocolate - congrats to all of you who got through!! I spent the afternoon yesterday in Orange Park looking at new homes/gallery - WOW!! I did take some pics, but nothing earth shattering! While everything is soooo beautiful, it's soooo expensive!! Please say a quick prayer as today we'll be another step closer to a new house!

My dear friends traveled over to a scrapbook retreat this weekend - minus me. They sound as if they had a blast! I sure missed them this go around!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

I'd like to mention the following website with you... it's crazy cool! ArtsCow is the name of it. I have ordered from them and PPD (Michelle) has, too. Their specials and prices knock my socks off!! This week I ordered a photo change purse for $.99 with FREE shipping!! I'm starting my Christmas shopping now - I already have 5 gifts in the wings! That makes me happy!! :) I love the holidays and love choosing special, off the wall gifts for people. The Arts Cow gifts are very personal and they give you a CRAZY amount of FREEBIES!!! Head on over and let me know what you think!!!! Signing up is FREEEEE~

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Want FREE chocolate???

Yes, you read that correctly.... FREE CHOCOLATE! I found this information on another blog and checked into it... you have to act fast! They only give away 250,000 coupons per Friday!! But, it's the real thing!! (Love you, Dawn! "face"). I won't post any more tonight - I want to be sure all my blog buddies get in on the free grub! Talk to you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quilted... with LOVE!

A very dear friend of mine emailed me this photo... if you are anything like me (I don't consider myself a pack rat as I can throw things away - as long as they aren't sentimental!), but I do collect things like scrapbook supplies, Willow Tree ornaments, and my kids old baby clothes?? Ok, not ALL of them, but a few favorites. Like my oldest, almost 16 year old, I have her first Christmas dress and the outfit she wore home from the hospital. Just a few things like that! Well.. that's where this quilt comes to play! My friend had a hand-made quilt created out of her sons out-grown baby clothes! She even cut out little "bears" and what not from what was on the baby clothes! It's absolutely amazing!! This is SO what I'd love to do with my children's outfits... however, I'd like one quilt made with all four of my kids' clothes rather than one from each child - if that makes sense! I love this idea..... keep it in the back of your mind! (And thanks, Becky for sending the picture and for checking with your quilt maker for me!). Enjoy!! (Maxine is feeling GREAT house vibes tonight... thanks for the prayers!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Maxine is back.... with the Ribbon Ring!!

Hiya, Friends! Sorry, didn't take a vacation - been working long hours getting ready for students to return!!

I totally have to brag for a minute - this was a find that I had read about a few times in one of my many scrapbook mags, (magazine addiction!) and thought that it was "cool", but was it really for me? I mean, I didn't have that much ribbon, anyway. HA!! I took the plunge at CHA Orlando and bought two packs of "Ribbon Rings". Each pack had 90 (NINETY) tags and a few different sized rings... for the past few nights I've been adding my ribbon! (It doesn't take long at all!) It went from photo #1 (messy buckets) to this fab hanging array of ribbon! (That I can actually SEE!!). I LOVE IT! Granted, I'm almost out of tags, so I emailed the gal (Melissa, very nice!) from the Ribbon Ring and plan to buy more!! I had no idea that I had so much ribbon!! I'm guessing 300 ore more different colors/patterns! And, so much of it was at the bottom of my containers that I forgot all about it! (Imagine that!). Don't worry when you look at the photo, I totally plan on reorganizing the rings by color and holidays... but I was so excited that I wanted to post a picture right away! These aren't sorted - so bare with me! (Yes, I'm "color" challenged! - that's for all of my SHOTTS!) Head on over to this link to check out some more great ideas! Oh! And Melissa from the Ribbon Ring also has a blog and she posts coupons from time to time, too!! Check it out!! (Oh, and her ribbon bon-bons are to DIE FOR! My friend JK missed the "Don't touch" sign and walked right up for the kill! They were so realistic it was hard not to!)

The old way, and the ribbon I still have left to hang!
The new and improved way!!
Good Night all!
Until tomorrow.... ~Queen Maxine

Monday, August 3, 2009

Maxine is falling down on the blog!

Sorry friends and thanks for checking! I've damaged my shoulder and have been taking meds for the inflammation and pain - it's better, but hurts a little to type - and the meds make me sleepy!! I am off to work today - pain or not! So... I'll definitely post a scrapbook related post tonight!! Wishing you all a great day!!