Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quilted... with LOVE!

A very dear friend of mine emailed me this photo... if you are anything like me (I don't consider myself a pack rat as I can throw things away - as long as they aren't sentimental!), but I do collect things like scrapbook supplies, Willow Tree ornaments, and my kids old baby clothes?? Ok, not ALL of them, but a few favorites. Like my oldest, almost 16 year old, I have her first Christmas dress and the outfit she wore home from the hospital. Just a few things like that! Well.. that's where this quilt comes to play! My friend had a hand-made quilt created out of her sons out-grown baby clothes! She even cut out little "bears" and what not from what was on the baby clothes! It's absolutely amazing!! This is SO what I'd love to do with my children's outfits... however, I'd like one quilt made with all four of my kids' clothes rather than one from each child - if that makes sense! I love this idea..... keep it in the back of your mind! (And thanks, Becky for sending the picture and for checking with your quilt maker for me!). Enjoy!! (Maxine is feeling GREAT house vibes tonight... thanks for the prayers!)

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