Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Maxine is back.... with the Ribbon Ring!!

Hiya, Friends! Sorry, didn't take a vacation - been working long hours getting ready for students to return!!

I totally have to brag for a minute - this was a find that I had read about a few times in one of my many scrapbook mags, (magazine addiction!) and thought that it was "cool", but was it really for me? I mean, I didn't have that much ribbon, anyway. HA!! I took the plunge at CHA Orlando and bought two packs of "Ribbon Rings". Each pack had 90 (NINETY) tags and a few different sized rings... for the past few nights I've been adding my ribbon! (It doesn't take long at all!) It went from photo #1 (messy buckets) to this fab hanging array of ribbon! (That I can actually SEE!!). I LOVE IT! Granted, I'm almost out of tags, so I emailed the gal (Melissa, very nice!) from the Ribbon Ring and plan to buy more!! I had no idea that I had so much ribbon!! I'm guessing 300 ore more different colors/patterns! And, so much of it was at the bottom of my containers that I forgot all about it! (Imagine that!). Don't worry when you look at the photo, I totally plan on reorganizing the rings by color and holidays... but I was so excited that I wanted to post a picture right away! These aren't sorted - so bare with me! (Yes, I'm "color" challenged! - that's for all of my SHOTTS!) Head on over to this link to check out some more great ideas! Oh! And Melissa from the Ribbon Ring also has a blog and she posts coupons from time to time, too!! Check it out!! (Oh, and her ribbon bon-bons are to DIE FOR! My friend JK missed the "Don't touch" sign and walked right up for the kill! They were so realistic it was hard not to!)

The old way, and the ribbon I still have left to hang!
The new and improved way!!
Good Night all!
Until tomorrow.... ~Queen Maxine

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  1. wow I love it!!! Great Idea and I am siked you got them already started. They look so cool and guess what you are gonna need alot more of them sister, I have seen your ribbons.....<3